Imaging. Data Mining. Writing. Devices.


Our Company



 Usin'Life broadly operates in the life sciences area with specialization in drug discovery imaging and inventing innovative devices.

Usin'Life uses machine learning and artifical intelligence to analyze diverse and massive data sets to extract knowledge and information.

  • Biology - Imaging, RNA profiling, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Cellular/Biological Network data
  • Others - Stocks, Sales and Marketing data, Social networks

Usin'Life provides flow cytometry and imaging technologies.

  • Using public domain, commercial and proprietary image processing routines to analyze images used for safety and toxicity testing of drugs, histological decisions, or basic biology.

Invent and assemble Hardware, write associated software and create novel Devices

  • Invent, prototype and engineer devices to quantitatively measure animal or human health parameters (quantified self)
  • Development of mobile health applications
  • Software development for innovative applications